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Geraldton has two town mottos – ‘Spirit of the North' and ‘The Friendly Town with a Heart of Gold'.

Compared to many other spots on Highways 11's mid-west corridor, Geraldton is a relatively bustling town of around 2400. Geraldton is located northeast of Nipigon at the junctures of Highways 11 & 584, on the shores of the Kenogamisis Lake, which offers great fishing and camping opportunities. Geraldton is located in the center of Northwestern Ontario's Greenstone Region, lying east of Lake Nipigon and just above Lake Superior. The community serves an area population, including the surrounding communities of close to 6,500 people.

Geraldton has actively used a restored mine headframe in all of its tourism literature. The mine shaft is quite nicely restored. If you turn down Hardrock Drive (yes, it's one of the best-named street in Northern Ontario along with our "tractor tire road") you will see a rocky landscape which is used as the headframe's parking lot and the starting point for both the "forest fire hiking trail" and the Mining heritage trail". 

The Geraldton Interpretive Centre, on Highway 11 across from the mine shaft is also quite nicely done up. The Centre has exhibits on the area's forestry and minint history and also allows you to dress up in fireman gear and have your photo taken.............There is another trail - the Interpretive Trail that begins (or ends, whichever end you start with) at the Centre, it's quite a nice hike offering many views and perhaps a chance to see the local "pelicans" along the way

Geraldton boasts an excellent 18 hole golf course and offers the Geraldton Walleye Classic Fish Derby held every 3rd weekend of June.
The mining industry is starting it's comeback and Premier Gold Mines is directly in the middle. There have been some significant finds recently which bring hope back to the people of the area

Geraldton serves as the regions center for education, health care, retail trades, transportation, professional, government and utility services. As home to eight former producing gold mines which operated between 1936 and 1970 in the heart of the Canadian Shield, the Geraldton-Beardmore Gold Camp hosts numerous mineralized zones which continue to be explored for potential development.
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